About Traveling French Macaron

       It all started with a love for pastry in my childhood. When I came home from school, I took my mother’s cookbook to try out one of the recipes there. And it was completely okay not to have butter or cream at home, you can make it work without these ingredients! So, most of the experiments turned out to be quite unenjoyable and my parents ate them only out of love for me.

       Unfortunately, this childhood approach did not work well when making macarons. I realized this already when I made my first macarons. Grams must be accurate. The ingredients must be perfect and precisely weighed. 

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I started making macarons when my son was one year old. Making Christmas presents became a daily job, passion and love. When I had to go back to work in kindergarten, I thought that making macarons would be a cool way to earn some extra money. After working for two months, I realized that I had to give up working in the kindergarten. Some of my family members and friends did not understand my choice, so they often said: “How will you exchange the government job for a small business.” “It's just a matter of fashion, you'll be able to live like this for a year at the most.” However, I didn't listen to them and I can do what I like for six years already.


The work of the Traveling French Macaron is very creative – I get new ideas for macaron types, flavors and designs every week. We always try to fulfill the wishes of our customers by personalizing the macarons with inscriptions, logos or thematic designs.

Why “Traveling French Macaron”?

I started my business in a small town in Kurzeme – Talsi. In order to have more customers, the idea arose that macarons could travel through Latvia through a parcel service. After trying out different options for packing macarons, unfortunately, I had to give it up this idea. I decided that my clientele will consist of a trip: Talsi – Rīga. Currently, every Friday, macaron orders travel around Rīga, Jūrmala, Mārupe, Piņķi, Babīte and Tukums. In these six cities, you can get macarons at the most convenient address for you.